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Who are We?

Port Stanley is on Lake Erie, south of London and St.Thomas. The Berm sub committee reports to the Port Stanley Village Association that undertakes initiatives to protect and improve quality of life.

What and Where is the Berm?

In 2010, the Canadian Government transferred ownership of the Port Stanley Harbour to the Municipality of Central Elgin (CE).Approximately 9 hectares (23 acres) of this public land are on the east side of the Harbour and are known as the “Berm”.

The Issue: What is the Berm’s Future?

Option 1: Keep the Berm as PUBLIC LAND for PUBLIC USE like in many other waterfront communities.

Option 2: Sell the Berm to developers to build multi-story condos and apartments and commercial use with only a public peripheral walkway, as propsed by Dillon Consulting presented to CE on June 25, 2018.

The Decision: Central Elgin (CE) will hold a Public Meeting on the Harbour Secondary Plan in 2018 or early 2019 and then the Council will make a decision.

What Is Our Goal?

The PSVA wants a portion of the berm to be used for mixed use development, likely on the west side of the berm. The remainder of the berm would be reserved primarily as PUBLIC LAND for PUBLIC USE. The precise uses for those public lands are yet to be determined but the plan below is an example of how the Berm might be developed:

To achieve this we will:

Raise Awareness in CE, St. Thomas, Elgin County and London Ontario about keeping this lakeshore available for the 450,000 people in the region.

Gather Information through interviews with decision-makers, other progressive waterfront communities, environmental groups/ foundations,planners, business owners, conservation authorities, service clubs and potential funders.

Identify Key Questions And Options to ensure that all information and perspectives are considered- environmental concerns, infrastructure, long term planning, the roles of Central Elgin, Elgin County and the Province.

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